Chatting about Google Grants

Monday, February 25, 2008 | 10:29 AM


We're looking forward to sharing ideas and information here, and we hope non-profit organizations and Google Grants participants will get involved. If you ever find yourself wondering about an aspect of your AdWords account, wanting to discuss a recent post on the blog, or interested in seeing what other organizations are talking about with regard to the program, we encourage you to check out the Google Grants Help Group.

Here, you can start conversations with like-minded folks and put the power of many minds to work for you. No question is too small. In fact, it's likely that many other people are wondering the same thing. We, of course, hope to address lots of your questions on our blog, but if you want to get feedback from your peers in the non-profit world, this help group is a great resource.

If you've never visited a Google Group, you can check out this Quick Start Guide. You'll learn how to search groups, post questions and comments and subscribe to groups so you can stay in touch with topics most important to you. You can also take the Google Groups Tour and see all the cool features of the product in addition to discussing questions.

Got a question now? Ask away...