Welcome to our new Blog!

Friday, February 15, 2008 | 9:19 AM

When we launched the Google Grants program, we set out to harness the power of Google search to support organizations that share our philosophy of community service. Through the in-kind advertising awarded to grant recipients, organizations have been able to reach a wider audience for free with their messages. Since our debut early in 2003, the number of grant recipients has grown steadily, and we're excited to help even more of your good causes make a bigger impact on the world.

With more and more people looking for information and joining the program all the time, we want to make sure that we can answer your questions quickly and give you what you need to make your group more successful. So we're starting this blog as a place to read about the latest Google Grants news and information — whether you're a 501(c)(3) organization looking to join, or a current recipient who wants to learn how to make your campaigns more effective.

We chose a blog because it's an easy way to quickly publish and read news and information. You may want to add this blog to your Google Reader or iGoogle page for easy reference.

Here are a few of the kinds of things you can expect to read about here:

* guidance on managing your Google Grant
* details about Google products specifically for nonprofits
* tips for using AdWords
* program updates and alerts
* stories about grant recipients and their successes
* links to useful articles and resources

We hope that you'll be spurred on by what you read here so that you'll strike up conversations with other recipients in our Google Grants Group. This is the place to ask other folks about their experiences, discuss posts, and get new ideas about making the most of your Google Grant.

We'll be posting regularly, so please plan to drop by often, and if you have ideas about making the blog more useful, write to us.