Adding Keywords

Friday, March 7, 2008 | 9:58 AM


We've been getting some questions lately about how to treat keywords in Google Grants accounts, so we'd like to offer some tips and resources here for everyone to use.

Keywords are generated for your account when you are awarded a Google Grant. These keywords are meant to be relevant and targeted to your organization, perhaps as targeted as to include your org's location and constituency area. The keywords are organized thematically into ad groups so that your ad can be created to best match these themes.

For example, keywords such as "online donations," "support NYC charity" and "donate to NYC org" might all be in an ad group called "Donations" with an ad like this one:

Though your account is built with some keywords already, you don't necessarily have to keep all of these keywords, and you can also add other ones that are relevant to your organization. If you want to make changes to your keyword list, you can follow the instructions here to login to your account and get started.
Some rules of thumb for keywords in Google Grants accounts:
  • Make sure to include your location when developing a keyword list, especially if you only offer services in certain areas. (Ex: "New York shelters")
  • Use matching options to target your ads to specific audiences. (Ex: [homeless shelters] will show your ad only when people type in those exact terms in that exact order.)
  • Scrub your list and remove terms that are too general (Ex: "shelters"). This tactic will help you target your ad to users interested in your specific services.
  • Read through the Generating and Editing Keywords topic in the AdWords Help Center.
While you're working through your keyword lists, you can chat with other grant recipients in the Google Grants Help Group to find out what experiences they're having and share tips for making the most of your Google Grant.