Google Products for Non-profits feature of Google Checkout

Thursday, July 17, 2008 | 10:48 AM


One of the great things about working at Google is the opportunity to contribute to the company's support of the non-profit community. As a member of the Google Checkout team, I've been able to make a contribution by helping launch Google Checkout for Non-profits, which enables non-profits to collect online credit card donations free of charge (and free of hassle) using Checkout. Google Checkout for Non-Profits improves the speed and convenience of donating online by enabling users to donate with a single login across the web.

An important part of Google Checkout is matching up users with convenient, secure places to shop when they search. In this vein, we've added the Checkout badge to non-profits' AdWords ads to help connect donors and non-profits more easily, and ultimately make donating to them as fast, simple, and secure as possible. And, of course, Google has committed to processing Checkout donations for free until 2009 so donors can support their favorite non-profits knowing that 100 percent of their donations will reach those organizations.

If you'd like to get your non-profit involved in this program, there are just a few quick steps to get up and running and collecting donations online:

  1. Sign up for Google Checkout
    Sign up for a Google Checkout merchant account. You will be asked for basic information about your organization including name, website, contact information and EIN. Make sure the EIN matches your Non-Profit Tax ID number.

  2. Identify yourself as an IRS Certified 501(c)3
    Go to the settings tab in your account and identify your primary product type as "Non-Profit (IRS certified 501c3)".

  3. Collect Donations
    Once you've completed the previous step, you'll notice an option for "Donation Buttons" appear in the left column under the Tools tab. Copy and paste the donation buttons on your website and start processing donations with Google Checkout.

If you'd like to learn more about how Google Checkout for Non-Profits might be able to help your non-profit organization, head over to You can also view a short video of the process and benefits of Google Checkout for Non-profits below.