Grants Account Tour: Tools

Thursday, August 14, 2008 | 10:03 AM


Have you ever wondered why you couldn't find your ads if you searched on Google? Have you wanted to add a few keywords to your campaign but not known what to add? That brings us to the Tools section of your Grants account.

In the Campaign Management tab of your account, the useful Tools section can help you easily optimize your ads and analyze their performance.
Here's our shortlist of helpful tools for your account:

Keyword Tool suggests additional keywords for you to bid on, which will help drive more traffic to your site. The tool generates new keywords in two ways:
  1. descriptive words and phrases on your site
  2. your website URL

If you notice that a couple of your keywords perform well and receive many qualified clicks, try entering them in the Keyword Tool to find similar ones. Or if some of your keywords haven't received many clicks, try entering them in the tool to see if there are synonyms or related keywords you could try. This article has additional tips for using the tool.

The Ad Preview Tool allows you to see your ad as it would appear on Google (without accruing extra impressions which can negatively impact your clickthrough rate). This helps if you're targeting a specific geographic area where you aren't located. To preview your ad, simply enter a keyword and click on 'Preview Ads' to see the Sponsored Links and results for that keyword.

The Ads Diagnostic Tool is great for seeing an ad's behavior. To use it, simply enter the keyword you're searching on. The next page will give you information about the keyword and reasons that your ads aren't running. There's also an option here to preview search results through the Ad Preview Tool.

The Disapproved Ads Tool, which compiles all ads that may be disapproved. You can see why ads have been disapproved, so you can edit them accordingly to get them up and running again.

The Change History Tool shows you changes (such as adding or deleting keywords, or creating new ad text) that have been made to your account.

Finally, there's the option to download AdWords Editor, which we'll post about next month. It's a useful desktop application that helps you manage your account and make changes offline. If you want to get a head start, go ahead and download the desktop application here. Otherwise, get to work on the tools above.