Nonprofit Success Story with Google Grants

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 | 11:32 AM

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Before some non-profits decide if the Google Grants program is right for them, they want to see the impact that the program could have on their organization's reach. We often receive requests for examples of non-profits who have used the program to help further their mission.

Today we're pleased to share with you
Direct Relief International's story. With the help of Google Grants, they raised funds to provide relief to people adversely affected by poverty, disaster and civil unrest in more than 140 countries worldwide. As Annie Maxwell, COO for Direct Relief, put it, "In our 60-year history, there are five events that have really affected us, and our relationship with Google is one of them. It’s been incredible to take this leap in online visibility, for Direct Relief to move forward as an organization and develop sophisticated advertising in such a short period.”

To learn more about Direct Relief's experience with Google Grants, download their story. For more details on the Google Grants program, visit our homepage.