Introducing Geo Challenge Grants

Thursday, November 6, 2008 | 2:58 PM

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At Google, we know that non-profits often have big, creative ideas, but may need a little support to turn those ideas into action. Various programs at Google are designed to help -- whether through free advertising with Google Grants, free online donation processing with Google Checkout, or by providing a way to geographically tell a group's story with Google Earth Outreach.

On Friday, 10/31, and Google Earth Outreach further supported this last idea by creating a small grants program that will provide non-profits with the knowledge and resources they need to take advantage of powerful and exciting online mapping tools. In addition to helping non-profit organizations like yours operate more effectively, well designed maps can also convey the importance of your cause in a visual, compelling way and give individuals from around the world a chance to experience the work you do.

Organizations can now apply online for a "Geo Challenge Grant," valued between US$5,000 and US$100,000, to help make your mapping ideas a reality.

Read more about this new program on the blog and the Geo Challenge Grants website. If you get involved in this program, we welcome you to share your story in the Google Grants Help Group, so that other non-profits can learn from your experiences.