Pizza with Mushrooms, Peppers, and Google Grants

Friday, November 21, 2008 | 11:01 AM


Each month, a group of Googlers gathers in the Ann Arbor office for bagels at breakfast time and pizza at dinner time. We don't come for the food; we're there to build Google Grants AdWords accounts.

In Ann Arbor, our team's common goal is to help businesses create and manage advertising accounts that reach new customers. We're thrilled to use our online advertising expertise to help non-profit organizations like yours attract new volunteers, increase donations, serve more clients, and spread your messages. After an application has been reviewed and approved, Google Grants volunteers study your mission, the audiences you want to reach, and your website to write ads and choose keywords that enhance your goals and appeal to your target audience.

With a background in the non-profit sector and as an advocate of public service, I was one of the first Google Grants volunteers in the Ann Arbor office. Over the past two years, I've drawn out my colleagues' passion for philanthropy as well and recruited a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. And I'm proud to say that our office, though modest in size, is robust in its contributions.

Over bagels and pizza, our community of volunteers applies our AdWords knowledge to craft just the right ad text to catch the eye of a prospective youth mentor or of a mom looking to adopt a new family pet. And as we do this, we marvel at and are humbled by the wonderful work that you do every day to serve your communities. It's that work, not the tasty treats, that keep us coming back for more.