Chronicling Indian-made solutions to the Indian climate crisis

Friday, February 20, 2009 | 12:04 PM

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Recently, ten young climate activists drove plug-in electric cars all over India to draw attention to Indian-made solutions to the climate crisis and inspire Indian citizens and companies to take action. They chronicled their entire 2100-mile trip on YouTube, creating 35 videos about how Indians were tackling energy problems in rural villages, on college campuses, and in overpopulated cities.

These activists, highlighted by Thomas Friedman in his Sunday New York Times column, belong to an organization called the Indian Youth Climate Network. As the group posted footage to YouTube, other people joined their movement. Says Friedman, "A Bollywood dance group joined at different stops and a Czech who learned about their trip on YouTube hopped on with his truck that ran on vegetable-oil waste."

Here's one of the more unique solutions the activists highlighted on their journey:

For full coverage, check out the Indian Youth Climate Network's YouTube Channel.