Why Google Grants?

Thursday, February 5, 2009 | 11:11 AM


I am part of the Google Grants team, here, in Australia. As with most of us involved, it is a multifaceted role – all hands on deck to get things done. Therefore I work with the initial screening process, account set up, as well as account optimization. Why Google Grants, you may ask? The reason I love being a member of the team is completely selfish - it is because of the gratification it brings, in particular when it emerges in somewhat unexpected times and places.

On a Saturday late last year, I found myself pondering these thoughts as I prepared for a children's party. As part of my effort to not only stay positive, but share that positive outlook with others, I sometimes embrace my magical side and entertain children as a fairy. Whilst tangled in glitter and tulle, I found myself chatting with a little boy lounging in his push chair. As he giggled and beamed, I realized that his mother was nearby talking about a support group that she had joined.

Her son, James, had Down Syndrome and his mother, Leeann, was part of a support group run by the organization Lifestart. Lifestart supports children with disabilities and their families, to achieve a good quality of life and as with many non-profit support groups, it was in a constant struggle to raise awareness and much needed funds. How fortunate that I knew of a great, effective way to support and boost Lifestart: online advertising!

I spoke to Leeann about Google Grants and their eligibility to take part in the program. Admittedly there was an initial look of confusion on her face as I, dressed in my online marketing fairy best, spoke to her about the online advertising opportunities via Google. Fortuitously, glitter aside, she put me in touch with Lifestart's head office and we worked together through the application process.

The fact that during this time of instability and uncertainty, we have the opportunities to make positive changes and impact important causes is truly a gift. The knowledge that I'm able to take just a few simple steps that help significantly benefit the life of someone else, makes me smile every day. That is why I love to take part in Google Grants.

For more information on the work of Lifestart please see: www.lifestart.org.au