Google Grants turns 6!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 | 9:00 AM


On our last birthday, we took you on a little trip down memory lane and shared the history of Google Grants. This year we'd like to take this opportunity to share our vision for the future of Grants, and how you can become more closely connected with the program and your peers.

In the last year we redesigned our website as the first step in this direction. The new site illustrates how we are working to make the program more valuable and accessible to non-profits and grantees.

With our grantee base growing at a steady pace and more applications coming in every day, we're focused on improving your experience with AdWords and Grants regardless of the size of the program. We're developing more educational resources, building out our Help Center, posting to this blog and hosting an active discussion forum so that you can get the information you need from a variety of sources at any time of the day. 

No more waiting on an email when all you want to know is how to apply for a grant or link to your accounts.

Our vision for the future of Grants is to be able to provide all grantees, regardless of number, with the most effective resources so that you can be successful with AdWords and your organization can realize its mission.

As we step into our 7th year, we invite you to join us in developing the program by discussing your experiences, asking questions and perhaps sharing the way you find success with Google Grants

We look forward to sharing the future of Google Grants with you and hope that you'll join us in blazing this trail together.