Quick Tips for Google Grants Applicants

Thursday, March 5, 2009 | 10:46 AM


We've seen an increased interest in Google Grants over the past few months and, as such, thought we'd share some extra information on the application process for interested non-profits. You can find details about how to apply on our site and also find answers to frequently asked questions below.

Q. When's the best time to apply?
A. Applications to the program are reviewed on a regular basis, so you can apply at any time. However, we do encourage you to first review the program website to understand your organization's responsibilities as a grantee, prior to applying for a Google Grant.

Q. When will we hear if our application was accepted?
A. Currently, we are processing applications within 4 to 5 months. If you haven't heard from our team within 6 months, contact us to find out the status of your application's review.

Q. What if our new site is not yet ready? Since it takes a few months to hear back on an application, can we apply now?
A. Your organization's website must be live and up-to-date when you apply for the program. Therefore, if your organization is still building its site or is creating a new site, you must wait until your new website is launched before applying.

Q. Our organization has multiple websites. Should I submit multiple applications or just include all of our sites on a single application?
A. You do not need to submit multiple applications if your organization has more than one website. In fact, we request that you only include one single URL on your application, most often that of the main site you wish to promote. Please enter this single URL in the 'URL of website' field and in Line 4 of your sample ad on the application. If your organization's application is approved for a Google Grant, you may contact our team at that time to review additional organization sites you wish to be promoted through your account.

Q. I just submitted my application and forgot to print out a copy. What can I do?
A. As noted at the top of the application, we recommend that you print a copy of the application before submitting it. Once your application has been submitted, we are unfortunately unable to provide a copy of it. Be sure to print your application if you would like to save it!

We hope the above information was helpful in clarifying a bit more about the application process. If you have other questions, please share them with others and get answers from experienced grantees in the Google Grants Help Forum.