The New AdWords Interface

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | 9:31 AM


You may have noticed the new AdWords interface when working in your Google Grants account. It should feel faster, clearer and more intuitive and we hope its making it easier for you to navigate your account and make changes on the spot.

If you'd like to read periodic in-depth coverage about different aspects of the new interface, hop on over to the AdWords blog on Thursdays (or subscribe to its RSS feed) for the weekly installment of New Interface Thursdays. The blog posts will cover all kinds of helpful information about the interface and how you can use it to more effectively manage your AdWords account.

So far, they've covered:

Videos and resources on the new AdWords interface website
Using keyboard shortcuts
Using filters

If you run across something that you think would be uniquely useful for Grantees, please feel free to start up a conversation in the Google Grants Discussion Forum and share it with your fellow Grantees and non-profits.

If you want to try the new interface, but don't have access yet, you can sign up from the new interface website. During the beta, you can switch between old and new interfaces, so you'll still have access to the full range of AdWords tools and reports, if needed.