Greetings From Boston: A Google Grants Volunteer Shares Her Journey

Thursday, May 21, 2009 | 6:04 PM


As college graduation loomed just a few months away, my friends and I were going through a very stressful process: the job search. In addition to questions like “Am I qualified?” or “Will anyone want to hire me?”, questions such as “To what kind of company can I commit?” kept me up at night. I knew I couldn't work for an organization whose philosophy did not seem right to me. Google’s Don’t Be Evil principle, which permeates everything the company does, is what made me look twice. Now that I’ve been here for almost a year, it's initiatives like Google Grants, a program I regularly volunteer with as an AdWords specialist, that have confirmed for me again and again that I’ve picked the right place for me.

Earlier this week, I conducted an AdWords seminar for a group of non-profit representatives in North Carolina. Talking to them about the marketing challenges that their organizations face, I realized just how much of an impact Google Grants makes for each of these organizations. When marketing dollars are not only scarce, but even non-existent in a small non-profit organization, a free AdWords account can really mean the difference between sustaining a volunteer base and having to close its doors. Recognizing this, I can say with confidence that no matter how busy I get with my primary job at Google, I will always find time to be a Google Grants volunteer.

As far as I am concerned, the Google Grants program really takes that “Don’t Be Evil” principle to a whole different level. The amount of passion and commitment that I've seen amongst the Grants team is one thing that makes me confident in standing behind Google’s philosophy. To me, it’s simple: when you know that you can make a difference, there’s no choice but to get inspired – and get involved.

Sasha Kukunova