Announcing the Google Grants Workshop

Thursday, June 18, 2009 | 12:09 PM

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The Google Grants team wholeheartedly believes in grantee empowerment. We're focused on providing as many resources as possible to help you, our grantees, become better Google Grants account managers. We also want to keep you informed of other Google products and services that may be beneficial to your non-profit.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our first grantee conference this summer. Aptly named the Google Grants Workshop, this event will be held in early August at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

During the event, grantees will have an opportunity to learn tips and tricks from successful grantees, attend AdWords seminars taught by in-house experts, and learn how to maximize Google for Non-Profits products. Our goal is to provide content for a diverse mix of attendees with different interest areas, locales, sizes, and levels of AdWords experience. In the typical Google spirit of making information accessible and useful, we will record this event and post the videos online after. So, even if you aren't able to attend, you won't miss a thing.

While we'd like to open this event to all our grantees, we have a limited number of invitations and may not be able to accommodate everyone. Therefore, we'll be holding a lottery drawing to ensure that we issue invitations fairly.

If you're an existing Google Grants recipient and are interested in attending our
Google Grants Workshop, please sign-up to enter our invite lottery by June 30th. To take full advantage of this event, we ask for attendance from the primary AdWords account manager and up to one additional representative per organization. Also, to help us better understand how we can help your non-profit, we'll ask you for some basic information and a brief statement about why your organization would benefit from attending this event. We'll be following up after the June 30th deadline with the results of the lottery.

We're looking forward to August!

AnnMarie Hill, Kristie Ferketich, Michelle Rosen, and Rosalyn Mahashin, Google Grants Workshop Organizers