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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | 10:34 AM

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Since the introduction of the new AdWords interface, we’ve received feedback as you’ve experimented with the new features and improvements. One grantee, The Real News Network, was kind enough to share a summary of their favorite changes to the new UI via our webform, which we think you’ll find helpful as you work with the new tool.

Hands-on control over different keywords
“Overall, the "new and improved" AdWords program tools and multi-layered Analytics data gives me, as campaign craftsman, a macro-view of my audience's prime interests and responses, plus immediate hands-on control over different keyword or topic avenues I can go down to reach various audience segments with different text ad messaging.”

Easily create separate ad groups
“Likewise, the ability to quickly and easily create separate ad groups that reflect separate audience interests is essential.”

Pull up a keyword report in real time
“The ability to pull up a keyword report in real time that displays keyword volume for new terms I may not yet have chosen, or thought of, allows me to broaden my audience reach very quickly - by choosing high volume terms which touch on wide search-audience interests, via optional keyword lists the tool offers me.”

Quickly shift messaging
“These tools also allow me to quickly shift messaging right alongside audience interest or mood shifts, as text ads often go live within an hour or two.”

We’re ecstatic that grantees like The Real News Network are finding the new interface easier and more efficient. Check in with the AdWords team every Thursday to learn even more about the updated features in AdWords.

The Real News Network is a television news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism. The Real News Network has been a participant in the Google Grants program since 2008.

If you have your own best practices or experiences that you'd like to share with other grantees and non-profits, we encourage you to strike up a conversation with other members in the discussion forum or submit your testimonial to our team.