Your best keyword forward

Thursday, October 1, 2009 | 1:49 PM


When creating an AdWords campaign for your charity, it's very important to organise your account so that there is a distinct relationship and correlation between the keywords you select and the ads that run against them on As you build your account, you may generate a large number of keywords that you think people will search for or associate with your organisation.

Once this list has been created, try to put the keywords into groups of around 10 to 30 based on common themes. The numbers aren't really important; it's more important that the keywords are grouped according to on concise themes, product offerings, etc. and aren't overly generic or broad in their meaning.

Your keywords will trigger your ad on Google. Therefore, once you have a tightly-themed group of keywords, you should write around 3 to 4 ad variations that reflect the theme of the ad group. This ensures that when someone enters one of your keywords as a search query on, your ad that's related to the keyword(s) the user entered will be eligible to appear. This is the ideal situation, because if your ad satisfies the need of the person who performed the search, they'll be in turn, more likely to click on your ad and then visit your site, which is the ultimate goal of your campaign.

Repeat this process of creating ad text and relevant keyword groups until you've covered all the key areas of your site. It is also vital that you send people to the the most relevant part of your site via your destination URL. For example, if your ad and the keyword that triggered it is about giving donations, you should direct users to the page within your website about how to contribute donations.

If you have any trouble generating keywords, you can try the keyword tool to find new ideas.

Some key points to note are:

  1. Keep ad groups small and tightly themed.
  2. Choose keywords and ads that match and follow a single theme.
  3. Send traffic to the appropriate part of the site that matches the ad group theme.
  4. Use the keyword tool to generate related keyword ideas.

Barney Durrant, London Sales Team