Resource round-up for December

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 | 1:06 PM


This month's resource round-up for December includes information about some new ways an old organization is recruiting and managing volunteers, a new way to get non-profit news in your inbox and some tips for hospitals to succeed in the trying economy.

Recruit volunteers with new technology
This YouTube video shows how the Salvation Army in Ohio recruits new volunteers using Google Voice (a free phone number lets them hear and read new messages at all hours) and how they use a volunteer managing system to staff their posts and see which ones are most effective.
Non-profit news
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Hospital fundraising
As the economic downturn has affected many non-profit organizations, non-profit hospitals have also felt the pinch. In this article by Health Leaders Media, eight strategies for are detailed for philanthropic divisions of hospitals struggling to cope with the hard facts of recession.

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