Beginner Webinar Recap #2

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | 11:52 AM

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In last week's session of the Google Grants Beginner webinar series with NTEN, we focused on learning how to use your Google Grant.

Lisa, an AdWords specialist and long-time Google Grants volunteer, presented valuable information to our beginner audience, including account navigation tips, basic instructions for creating and editing ads and keywords, and much more. Lisa also discussed some helpful tools and reports to take advantage of in your AdWords account, including the Keyword Tool and the the Keyword Performance Report. Also covered in the session were strategies to evaluate and track performance, including free offerings like Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics that can help you track how users interact with your site after they click on your AdWords ads.

Attendees were encouraged to spend time in their accounts trying out the tools available in the 'Opportunities' tab and running reports to help evaluate the performance of their keywords, ads, campaigns, and more. We recommend that you also spend some time experimenting with the many AdWords tools and reports if you have not already done so.

If you missed the session and are interested in the above topics, you can view the slides here and purchase the audio recording here.

If you attended this webinar and would like to discuss your takeaways with others, please take a moment to share your thoughts in the Google Grants Help Forum "Webinar" category.

If you would like to attend the final session in the Beginners series which will cover optimizing your account for success, you can find information and register here.

For information about our upcoming four-part Advanced webinar series for more savvy grantees, please visit NTEN's site for more details.