Google Content Network Opportunity for Select Grantees

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | 9:58 AM

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As you likely know, Google Grants ads cannot be run on content partner sites in Google's ad network. However, the Google Grants Team is pleased to announce that we have a unique opportunity for a handful of grantees to participate in a month-long experiment to have ads for their organization shown on the Google Content Network for free. In this experiment, Googlers (Google employees) will create and manage a separate AdWords account for selected organizations to receive up to $500 worth of ad clicks on content sites in the Google Network at no cost to the organization. Note that the Googler will have full control over this separate account, creating ads and selecting keywords, and the participating grantee organization will not have access to the account or access to the Googler managing the account.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please review the requirements below.

Grantee Requirements:

  • Your organization must provide an active contact person who can be easily reached by email and phone if needed

If your organization meets these requirements and would like to be considered, please complete this form.

If you are selected for this limited experiment, we will reach out to you within the next 2 weeks. Thanks to all grantees who sign-up. We will be sure to spread the word about any other opportunities on the blog as they arise.