Advanced Webinar Recap #2

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | 9:16 AM

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Last Thursday's webinar with was focused on monitoring and evaluating the performance of your Google Grants AdWords account. This session was the second in a four-part series and was designed for our advanced Grantees who are looking for more strategic ways to gauge the value of their campaigns, ads and keywords. Jessica, one of our Grants team members, shared valuable tips for evaluating account performance through AdWords reports and powerful Google Analytics data. How-tos and best practices were discussed, with heavy emphasis on the types of reports that could be the most helpful and the use of Analytics information to evaluate the effectiveness of your website as well. Analytics reports including Map Overlay and Site Content were two of the many highlights in this session. You can learn more about Google Analytics reporting in the Google Analytics Help Center.

If you were unable to attend this session and want to learn more, please review the slides from the webinar here. You can also purchase the audio recording of the session here. As we shared on this blog last week, we've included some hands-on exercises to put the information covered in this session into practice. This homework can be found in the session slides and we encourage everyone to try it out!

The next session in the advanced series will take place Thursday, March 11th at 11am Pacific. This session is titled 'Optimizing Your Google Grants Ads and Keywords' and will dive into how to improve your ads and keywords now that you have successfully evaluated their performance. Please consider joining us for the next session!