Join the Google Grants Community!

Thursday, April 8, 2010 | 7:56 PM

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I am excited to report that in the past few years, the Google Grants program has seen tremendous growth! While growth of this program is important, we also want to ensure that our current grantees are able to learn, manage, and excel within the AdWords program.

In order to maintain a healthy balance of growth and nonprofit success, we are working on establishing an online Google Grants community through our discussion forum.

Through this community, you are able to provide support to one another based on experiences in the program, help Google identify program pain-points, and ask each other for tips on achieving goals. I also am part of this community, hoping to address common concerns on a broader scale.

The discussion forum is broken out into different categories, representing the main program components. For example, the “Google Grants Basics” category is an outlet to discuss the application process and program eligibility. In the category “Creating and submitting your AdWords account” you can learn about and discuss the account submission and review process.

Once a month, I will be highlighting a hot topic in the discussion forum on the blog. So, I encourage to join the community, browse the discussions, and start conversations with other non-profits about your experiences in the Google Grants Program.

Stay tuned for the first hot topic next month!