Resource round-up for June

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | 2:00 PM


June’s resource round-up includes the announcement and sign-up for our 2010 workshop, a resource page regarding the oil spill in the gulf, a recommended list of audit documents to have at the ready, a story about two organizations joining forces to offer greater service during the recession and a list of organizations sharing their words of wisdom on Twitter.

Google Grants Workshop 2010
Enter this year’s sign-up lottery by July 9th for a chance to participate in this year’s workshop which will feature AdWords sessions led by Google specialists, grantee best practices and presentations from other Google Products for Non-Profits teams.

Google’s response to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Google’s crisis response team has a page dedicated to information, resources and maps related to the oil spill which also includes ways for all to help with the recovery. If your organization is involved in the clean up efforts and needs help managing increased traffic to your Google Grants AdWords account as a result, please contact our team.

IRS audit advice for non-profits

A small non-profit recently underwent an IRS audit and recommends keeping particular documentation on hand, in the event that your organization is selected for an audit.

Collaboration between non-profits leads to greater impact
About five years ago, two executive directors from similarly-focused organizations decided to collaborate in some key areas and have managed to thrive during the recession as a result. They offer up some of their hard earned lessons for other forward-thinking organizations considering a similar path.

26 Charities and non-profits to follow on Twitter
If you’ve become a part of the social media universe, you’re aware of the vast amount of tweets going on in the non-profit space. This list gives you examples of some 26 feeds worth following.

If you come across resources that would be useful to the greater non-profit community, feel free to post it to the appropriate topic in our discussion group so that everyone can benefit. If you'd like to review previous round-ups, you can search for "resource round-up" from the search box at the top of the page.