Resource round-up for May

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 | 1:59 PM

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May's resource round-up includes some first-hand experience from Google Grantees on what to expect from your Google Grant from set-up to tracking, a word from an SEO on their approach to our program, advice on how to make social marketing work for your org and two successful use cases of organizations promoting their cause effectively through YouTube for Non-Profits.

The lifecycle of a Google Grant
This grantee explains why Google Grants was helpful for her organization and what she experienced when setting up and using AdWords. Her advice: If you’re trying to cross “the invisibility threshold” for your little-known organization, you need an effective and aggressive marketing plan just like for-profit businesses, which might include Google Grants and other online outlets.

This SEO sums up their method for negotiating the application and account building process and how to incorporate different features to make your strategy successful.

If you’ve ever tried to weigh the benefits and intricacies of AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics to see which was a better fit for your organization, this UK web solutions company has taken the time to list the pros and cons.

Make social media work for your org
Having a YouTube channel for your non-profit is a good start, but if you’ve wondered what really makes a good video, take a look at these examples of successful social media campaigns.

If you’re familiar with Shauna Casey, non-profit advocate and founder of Voluntweetup, you will likely find these tips for social marketing valuable as your org embarks on its own social marketing endeavors.

YouTube is working for non-profits
(RED), an organization working to eliminate AIDS in Africa, recently aired a documentary on HBO to raise awareness about the true impact of their mission. Immediately following the broadcast, they posted the video on their YouTube channel. If your organization has similar materials, newscasts in which you’ve participated or other broadcasts, add them to your org’s YouTube for Non-profits channel to increase awareness about your cause.

The Global Fund, an organization focused on fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, is hosting a petition on their YouTube for Non-profits channel to negotiate funds to buy treatments to stop mother-to-child transmission of HIV. If your org gathers signatures show support for your cause or make change, you could try hosting a petition on your channel to showcase the importance of your cause to potential funders and decision makers.

If you come across resources that would be useful to the greater non-profit community, feel free to post it to the appropriate topic in the discussion group so that everyone can benefit. If you'd like to review previous round-ups, just click here and read through previous months' round-ups or search for "resource round-up" from the search box at the top of the page.