Google Grants Program Feedback

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 | 11:56 AM

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Is Google AdWords making a difference for your organization? We enjoy sharing grantee success stories and would love to hear from you. Whether your AdWords account has led to an increase in website visits, volunteer sign ups or amount of donations, sharing your experience will inspire the non-profit community as well as our volunteers.

If you would like to share how your grant of free AdWords advertising has had an impact on your organization please fill out this form. You may share your experience with only the Google Grants Team or choose to make the information available to other organizations through a testimonial. To read about how Google Grants has helped non-profits from all over the world with unique challenges check out our grantee testimonials page. You can read testimonials that are relevant to your organization by sorting by goal and/or industry. Many testimonials share best practices, so we encourage all grantees to use these as a resource. Share your organization’s story today!

Posted by Janelle Kuhlman, Google Grants Team