Conversion Tracking: Meeting Your Goals to Help Volunteers Reach Theirs

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | 11:08 AM

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Volunteers are online, searching for a worthy cause that will provide the opportunity to donate their time in a fulfilling way. How does your organization’s website convert a casual visitor into a committed volunteer? Conversion tracking allows you to see the path that potential volunteers have taken to either briefly stop-over your site, or to turn their inquiry into a dedicated sign-up. By monitoring conversion statistics, you can identify:
  • which keywords invite prospective volunteers to request more information versus keywords that compel registration before leaving your site
  • what pages of your site encourage further click through to other important landing pages (donations, newsletter sign-ups, memberships, storefront) before visitors decide to become volunteers
  • areas within your website that visitors leave because content or design could be improved
  • the geographic distribution of volunteers who sign-up for activities and where you can bolster your recruiting efforts
As volunteers narrow down their choices online, your organization can utilize the metrics conversion tracking provides to focus your outreach efforts. You’ll be converting queries into action and connecting volunteers to your deserving organization. For details on how to implement conversion tracking please see our Help Center or watch our instructional YouTube video.