Resource round-up for September

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | 8:00 AM


This month’s resource round-up includes a recent example of an organization using a variety of media outlets to raise awareness and donations for their newest campaign, a small collection of upcoming non-profit events, methods for using mobile to increase donations for your organization and a new take on best practice sharing among non-profits.

Ways to use a variety of media in your next campaign
Stand Up 2 Cancer launched a YouTube campaign with a celebrity cast to bring in donations for cancer research with a live event broadcast on major TV networks. If you’re a non-profit considering a varied media presentation for your next marketing campaign, some ideas you could take away from this are:

  • Try complementing your media campaigns with a YouTube campaign featuring any video assets from your initiative. Assets could be anything from a recorded presentation to video testimonials.
  • Use strong calls to action
  • Include links to your Twitter and website URLs in your YouTube listing
  • Add a Google Checkout button to your video’s watch page via the YouTube for Non-profits program to raise donations
Upcoming non-profit events
Web Analytics 201: The Nuts and Bolts
Ever Wonder if Social Media is a Waste of Time and Effort? Here is a Way to Decide

Use mobile phones to raise donations
There’s more to mobile fundraising than having a “text to” number. This article outlines seven ways to use mobile phones to increase donations, even if you can’t collect funds directly via mobile.

Learning how to succeed through failure
Members of the non-profit community came together in Washington D.C. earlier this month to exchange their “best” failure stories and learn from the mistakes of their peers in an effort to improve future initiatives.

If you come across resources that would be useful to the greater non-profit community, feel free to post it to the appropriate topic in our discussion group so that everyone can benefit. If you'd like to review previous round-ups, just click here and read through previous months' round-ups or search for "resource round-up" from the search box at the top of the page.