Google Grants' Impact In Israel

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | 12:55 PM

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Since launching in 2003 in the US, Google Grants has expanded its reach to 27 countries around the world, including Israel in 2008. The program has helped many Israeli non-profits increase their web presence and allowed them to grow donations to support their causes. The three Israeli organizations below explain how they have benefited from the Google Grants program.

The Aviv Organization for Holocaust Survivors was founded in 2007 to protect the rights of Holocaust survivors. It is the only organization in Israel that trains volunteers, professionals and Holocaust survivors in all aspects of realization of survivors’ rights. Their Google AdWords campaign has contributed to a large number of direct inquiries and offers of assistance for the survivors. In fact, the AdWords campaign accounts for one-third of all the traffic to their website since its creation.

Established in 2003, El Halev is a non-profit organization that effects social change by empowering women of all ages and by reducing violence against women, teens, children, seniors and people with disabilities by means of training in martial arts and self-defense. After launching an AdWords campaign El Halev has seen “a substantial increase in the number and quality of inquiries coming from their website thanks to Google Grants”.

The New Family organization specializes in legal counsel for family issues as well as support for civil marriages, wills and inheritance, same sex marriages and more. The organization has seen "an increase of at least 40% in the traffic to the website since the beginning of our Google supported campaign." Rachel, the organization’s founder, pointed out that the impact of Google's donation has been extraordinary and has allowed them to help a much larger audience, including people who did not know that solutions existed to their problems and that are now enjoying the special services the organization provides.

If you are a registered non-profit in Israel and would like to apply for the Google Grants program please visit this page for more information. For more grantee success stories check out our testimonials page.

Posted by Noam Wolf, Google New York