When Should I Make Changes In My Account?

Thursday, December 9, 2010 | 3:22 PM

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After thoroughly following the required steps to create your Google Grants account that is going to aid the hard work of your organization, and after investing time and effort in getting to know the different pages, tabs and terms it encloses, it is important that you don’t abandon it.

Many organizations make the mistake of thinking that once created, their AdWords account should be left to work on its own. However, it is fundamental that you monitor the results that the account is generating for you so that you can adapt it as frequently as it is necessary. Do not base your decisions for introducing change on the amount of clicks that your ads obtain, but rather take a look at the number of conversions that you are getting.

Let your new campaign run for some time so that it generates significant data for you to evaluate and so that its performance stabilizes. After 4 - 6 weeks, monitor the results that you have obtained from your ads and keywords. Use this information to optimize your account and improve your keywords like shown in this short video. Decrease the CPC of the bad performing keywords, increase it for the keywords that are working well and delete those that are not generating valuable traffic.

Do you have a list of negative keywords? If you don’t, you can analyze what words are triggering your ads and include those that are not related to your organization as negative keywords. If you already have a list of negative keywords, review and add to it.

We also recommend evaluating your ad text regularly. Add variations that are similar to the ads that are working well, modify the ads that are performing less well and delete the poorly performing ads.

After introducing and saving the changes, let the campaign run for a reasonable amount of time and review the results again! Molding your campaign is a constant activity and can help you meet your campaign goals. For more information on optimizing your campaigns please check out the AdWords Optimization Center.

Posted by Mireya Semelas, Ad Operations Team