Grants account tour: Structure

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | 1:48 PM


If it’s your first time managing a Google Grants account, a little bit of exploration will make it easier to navigate all the components of AdWords. So let’s quickly tour the Google AdWords Campaign Management tab, your account's creative center. From here, you can click on the Campaign Summary link to find your campaign(s).

The campaign is the highest level of structure in a Grants account. Campaigns have settings that affect the way your ads perform. Daily budget and geographic targeting, for instance, are campaign settings you may want to adjust according to your goals. Since the budget controls the delivery of your ads, you can change the allocation of your budget between campaigns depending on your current focus. And if your organization only operates in certain cities or states, you can target your ads exclusively to those locations.

Ad groups, the level of structure below campaigns, thematically organize the creative aspects of your account. They have two essential parts: the ad text and the keywords. Ad text is the message that runs alongside search results and directs people to your website. Keywords are the search terms that trigger search results and your ads. The keywords in an ad group should therefore match the ad text and because keywords will show in bold in your ads, it's advantageous to include them in your ad text to enhance visibility.

The AdWords Help Center is a great guide to use as you explore your Grants AdWords account. There you’ll find a glossary and information on how to edit your keyword list or ad text, or how to add additional ad groups. And be sure to read our previous post on AdWords in Plain English for definitions of other terms you'll notice in your Grants account.