Update on Google Checkout for Grantees

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 | 11:39 AM

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Perhaps you've already heard about the changes to the Google Checkout fee structure, but we wanted to bring it to your attention here as well.

Google Checkout has been free for non-profits, and will continue to be for all Google Grantees until 2010. However, all non-profits using Checkout who are not Google Grantees will transition to Checkout's standard fee structure on March 1, 2009.
A few things you should know:
  • If you have questions about Checkout or need assistance, please refer to the Google Checkout Merchant Help Center.
  • If you're a Google Grantee currently using Google Checkout, you need to link your Grants account to your Checkout account by 2/15/09 to continue your free donation processing until 2010. 
  • If you're a Google Grantee interested in using Google Checkout with your Grants account, you can sign up and get started today. 
  • If you're a non-profit but not a Google Grantee and you're interested in Google Grants with Checkout, apply for a Google Grant by March 1, 2009 and if you're accepted, Google Checkout will retroactively credit you for any Checkout fees incurred while your Google Grants application was pending. 
  • To display Google Checkout badges on your ads you must:

  1. Sign up for Google Checkout and provide a valid public business website URL along with the other required information.
  2. Complete one of the integration options.
  3. Comply with Google Checkout badge requirements. (You may also wish to check your website against our Integration Checklist as following these guidelines will ensure a positive buyer experience.)
  4. Completely process several orders.

After you complete these steps, your badges will be reviewed by a Checkout specialist and activated. (Remember, your ads must direct users to the 
public business website URL you specified for Google Checkout in order to display badges.) Need help? View demo

We hope you continue to find Google Checkout to be the easiest and most cost-effective way to process donations for your organization.