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Friday, July 17, 2009 | 11:14 AM

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We know that video creation can be a heavy lift for non-profit organizations with limited resources. Luckily, there are individuals on YouTube who have video skills who would gladly volunteer to make a video for an organization they care about. But there has to be a way to connect non-profit partners like you with these do-gooder YouTube users who have time and good will to spare.

Enter YouTube Video Volunteers, a new platform launched in conjunction with the White House's new "United We Serve Initiative." Video Volunteers is intended to create this bridge between individuals with video skills and non-profits who need help. And the program is already receiving tons of interest from the YouTube community -- the channel has accumulated over 12,000 subscribers in just a few weeks and many individuals have left channel comments asking for certain nonprofits or causes to get involved.

So here's your chance -- just follow these steps and you'll be on your way (or if you prefer, check out this video):

1. Visit either,, or to post your video opportunity. The opportunity can be anything you like -- a funny promo for your org, a PSA for a new campaign, or a short documentary on the issue your organization cares about.

2. Make sure to include the words "Video Volunteer" in your post so that it will appear on the gadget on the Video Volunteers channel.

3. Once you've done this, your post will appear on (a new platform built by Google/Craigslist that makes it easy to find/share service opps) and, for potential volunteers to review.

4. When someone wants to complete your video, they'll contact you to discuss their idea.

5. They'll create a video for you and upload it to their YT channel to introduce your organization and its work to a whole new audience!

6. Keep us in the loop -- email when the video is created. We might promote it on the site!

Posted by Ramya Raghavan, YouTube Non-Profits and Activism Team