Google Grants Workshop Recap and Videos

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 | 2:53 PM

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Thanks to all of you who expressed interest in attending the Google Grants Workshop, as well those who traveled and participated in this successful event. The workshop was a two-day event, attended by approximately 100 non-profit organizations in the Google Grants program. The first day focused specifically on Google Grants, while the second day catered to other Google for Non-Profit products, such as the YouTube Non-Profit Program, Google Apps, and more.

For those of you who could not attend the workshop, or for those in attendance who could benefit from a refresher, we are happy to announce that the videos from the workshop sessions are now live on our newly-launched Google Grants YouTube channel!

For your convenience, we have sorted our workshop videos thematically:

AdWords Tutorials - Where you can learn from Google Grants volunteers. Our in-house experts advise on how to manage, evaluate, and improve your AdWords account with tools like optimization, website optimizer, and Google Analytics.

Non-profit Case Studies - Where you can learn from your peers. Our grantees share success stories and how to cope with pain points through case studies and a grantee panel.

Other Google Products & Offerings - Where you can learn about other Google offerings for non-profits. Our Google Product teams offer additional strategies to reach organizational goals through programs like Google Earth, YouTube, and Webmaster Central.

We hope that you find these videos helpful in the ongoing management of your Google Grants account, as well as for insight into additional Google tools and programs available for non-profits.