Workshop Grantee Best Practices: Energy Action Coalition

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | 4:04 PM

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This week's speaker recap from our recent workshop shines the spotlight on Energy Action Coalition, a non-profit organization using multiple Google for Non-Profit products. At the event, attendees heard Danny Marx, Internet Manager at Energy Action Coalition, share his experiences working with free Google products including YouTube, Google Apps, Google Sites and more.

Here are some best practices that Danny shared:

* Consider creating YouTube videos as a way to train volunteers
* Keep decentralized efforts in your organization coordinated with powerful tools like Google Apps
* Stay current on news in your space with Google Reader and Google Alerts
* Use Google's mobile tools to keep your information current, especially if you're out in the field
* Understand that the benefits of adopting Google tools often outweigh the temporary challenges of transitioning to them
* Be creative in using Google for Non-Profit tools in general; think about how they might help solve your organization's challenges

You can view Danny's entire presentation, including several amazing YouTube videos from his organization, here. Danny's slides are also available here. To watch other videos from the Google Grants Workshop, visit our YouTube channel. We'll see you next Tuesday with more best practices from another non-profit using Google products.