Workshop Grantee Best Practices: National Public Radio

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | 8:54 AM

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As we've done for the past several weeks, today we are highlighting another speaker from our recent Google Grants Workshop. Today, we'll hear best practices and strategies from National Public Radio (NPR), a Google Grants recipient and Google Analytics user that provides non-commercial news and cultural programming. Javaun Moradi, who manages digital media at NPR, shares some tips below which have led to his organization's success with their Google Grant for AdWords advertising. He encourages other non-profits to put these strategies to work for their own organizations.

* Discuss your campaign goals up front (increased donations, volunteer registrations, newsletter subscribers, etc.) and set a measurement plan to track these goals.
* Regularly discuss AdWords with stakeholders in your organization. Coordinate the use of AdWords with other marketing campaigns, special events, and PR.
* Experiment often. This means experimenting within an ad group (changing keywords, ad copy, or bids) to achieve greater efficiency. But don't be complacent optimizing what you already have. Dedicate some time to experimenting with new campaigns and objectives as well.

Javaun also shares this valuable point for new grantees:

* Be sure you have a firm understanding of your organization's business before jumping in. To be effective with AdWords, there is a requisite level of knowledge about campaign creation, management, and measurement, which you can learn about in the Google Grants Help Center and other online resources. Without a clear understanding of your business, articulated goals, and a plan to measure your progress, it's much more challenging.

We hope you've found Javaun's insights helpful in thinking about your own Google Grants account. For more from Javaun and our other panelists, watch the recording of the session from the workshop here. You can also check out all of the other recordings from the Google Grants Workshop on our YouTube channel. Finally, feel free to share your own experiences using these and other best practices on the Google Grants User Forum.