Workshop Grantee Best Practices: Kidpower

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | 1:34 PM

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The final speaker to highlight from the Google Grants Workshop series is Irene van der Zande from Kidpower. Local to the Bay Area, Kidpower teaches children, teens, and adults of various abilities how to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves. Checkout Irene's experience in the Google Grants program below:

  • Initially the account was just used for special events, but we have since started to align our account with our business goals. We currently using it to increase readership of our eNewsletter. Next we will use it to drive traffic to our training materials and donations pages.

  • Finding time and resources are initial roadblocks, but restructuring internally will address this issue.

  • Aligning campaigns with each organizational goal will take us to exactly where we want to be.

  • Tip: Dedicate specific time for someone to manage the account if you can't dedicate a full-time person.

Thanks again to our Workshop panel participants for sharing their experiences and tips! You can learn more about Irene's experience and view the full panel discussion from the Google Grants Workshop on our YouTube channel.