Share your Google Grants story

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 | 9:22 AM

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We've recently featured some Google Grantees' stories here on the blog, and your positive response makes it clear that you want to hear more about what fellow non-profits are doing to make the most of their Google Grants.

Great idea!

In an effort to offer a shared resource of grantee testimonials, case studies, and best practices to all readers, we'd like to invite you to share your organization's story with us via our new webform.

Of course, if you'd rather just share your story with us, The Google Grants Team, that's OK, too. You can make this choice on the form. But in the future, we're planning to make a greater variety of grantee stories available to the wider non-profit audience, so if you're willing to share your story with others, you can choose to include your story as a Google Grants Testimonial, and it will become a part of this new resource for Google grantees and other non-profits.

We'd love to hear stories about the methods and strategies you employ to make Google Grants work for your organization, as well as any other techniques you've picked up that could help other organizations working with AdWords and Google products.

We look forward to reading about your unique experiences and offering your sage advice to other organizations for the benefit of their causes.