Beginner Webinar Recap #1

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 | 3:06 PM

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As you have hopefully read on our blog or on the NTEN website, we just launched a webinar series for Google Grantee beginners called "Learning to Use and Maximize Your Google Grant." We kicked off this series on Thursday, January 14th with a session titled "Setting Your Organization Up for Success with Your Google Grant." Chris, an AdWords specialist and one of our Google Grants volunteers, discussed the details of a Google Grant, what is required of grantees, how to identify solid goals for your account, how to navigate your account, and more. Common questions and the importance of active account management, which is required of all grantees, were also discussed. You can view slides from this session here and purchase the recording here.

This first session of the Beginners series largely focused on identifying goals for your organization's account and how doing this is really key to the success of your Google Grant. Once you have your goals established, it's easy to structure your account, campaigns, and ad groups to reflect these goals and better track how close you are to meeting them. The session slides included an exercise that can be helpful to any grantee, whether new to the program or not.

We recommend taking a few minutes to view the slides and go through the quick exercise to ensure you clearly know your goals and are keeping them top-of-mind when managing your account.

If you attend this webinar and want to discuss your takeaways with others, please share your thoughts in the Google Grants Help Forum "Webinar" category.

If you would like to attend the next sessions in the Beginners series, which focus on tangibly managing your account and optimizing it for success, you can find info and register here. For information about our upcoming four-part Advanced webinar series for more savvy grantees, please visit NTEN's site for more details.