Haiti disaster response

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | 3:44 PM

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One of the challenges now facing Haiti is connectivity.

To help with the search efforts, a team of Googlers worked with the US State Department to create a PeopleFinder gadget that you can embed on your organization's website.

With this gadget, users can submit information about missing persons and also search for people via the database. The gadget is currently available in English, French and Creole and easy instructions for installing the gadget on your org's website are here.

Google Voice is also offering free phone calls to Haiti for the next two weeks for US families with relatives in-country. Those without a Google Voice account can request an invitation here.

To help you connect with your supporters, get your word out via YouTube using annotations.

If you're a grant recipient providing relief to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti and have questions about managing your AdWords account to scale with traffic increases, please contact our team so we can make sure you reach those in need and those who can help. Be sure to include "Haiti Disaster" in the subject of your request.