Get Your Non-Profit Started With YouTube

Monday, August 30, 2010 | 3:20 PM

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Getting started with the YouTube Non-Profit Program only takes 3 simple steps:

1. Create an account with YouTube under your charity’s name:

2. Register for the YouTube Non-Profit Program (US, UK, CA, AU only):

3. Get your videos online!

Building a really effective channel that attracts subscribers takes a little longer. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your YouTube Non-Profit Channel:

Customize your channel wisely - The brand channel wide frame illustrates which images can be customized under your channel. The channel banner for example can link externally and is the first image to grab your visitor’s attention. Make sure your logo is clearly shown to present a trusted front for your non-profit.

Add Call-to-Action overlays - A major benefit of this program is that Call-to-Action overlays are made freely available across all of your uploads. These instructions will help you get these configured. Calls-to-action provide a powerful prompt that should be used to engage your video viewers into performing an action that will support your non-profit’s cause.
Upload content regularly - It can be hard to keep your content updated, but even low quality footage from the field can be a powerful driver of engagement and trust with your audience. In fact, it is best to focus on authentic and original content as this will best communicate your message amongst the large amount of competing content on YouTube.

Share your content - Enabling auto-share by linking your YouTube channel to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts makes it easy to keep your subscribers up to date no matter which channel they follow. Auto-share combined with regular uploads and comments will prompt your subscribers that you are still actively engaging your area of focus. Also, make sure you embed your videos on your website.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool as it can convey emotive and visual messages more effectively than any other media. YouTube not only provides you with this channel of delivery, but also an important feedback and engagement channel with your audience. For more information on YouTube please visit the YouTube Blog.