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Thursday, May 6, 2010 | 10:04 AM

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Back in November of last year, we announced our testimonial resource and submission form so that we could begin to offer your knowledge combined for the benefit of the greater non-profit community.

We’re pleased to say that there has been a great response. You have incredible stories and advice!

If you haven’t had a chance to get caught up on the latest in AdWords and Grants know-how, here are a few highlights:

Trying to raise awareness?
The Open University suggests, “Setting up goals really helps you see the value in the ads and gives you a closer relationship with your users as you can better understand what they are looking for.”

Elder Wisdom Circle suggests, “Proactively monitor and manage your campaign...”

Arbor Day Foundation suggests, “Go to every major landing page on your site and ask three simple questions. First, who am I talking to? Second, what do I want them to do? ...more

Want to increase donations or leads? suggests, “Step 1: Properly implement Analytics & Conversion Tracking. Step 2: Maximize site visitors via large keyword reach. Step 3...more

Natural Resources Defense Council suggests, “Set clear goals for your campaigns and let those goals inform how you set up campaigns and ad groups. Spend time in your account every day testing, monitoring...more

If your organization is working toward brand awareness, increasing donations or leads, general cause awareness, volunteer recruitment or just getting started with AdWords, there is a real-life grantee story and advice on conquering these and other hurdles on the testimonials page.

If you get through all the stories and want to discuss more, try the Discuss link from the bottom of the page and link up with other grantees working toward similar goals.

If you’re inspired to share a Grants, AdWords or Google success story for your organization, we’d love to hear it! Just hop over to the Share Your Story page and tell us what your org has been able to achieve.